Beat Summer Boredom

Beat Summer Boredom

Now that we are heading into August, are you starting to feel the stress of the kids being home 24/7? Are the kids getting bored? I don’t know about you but when I hear “Mom, what can I do, I’m bored” it is like fingers on a chalkboard! I am sure I said the same but, bored? Really? When we are home, I have tried to instill a bored-free zone with different activities and options! For most, schools are starting earlier so not too much longer of the “boring” summer days so let’s band together, parents and enjoy every last day!

Here are a few tips to help beat summer boredom and to help keep your sanity!

Learn a New Hobby

Learning a new hobby is always fun! Take advantage of having some extra time and a relaxed schedule to learn something new. Nothing screams summer like friendship bracelets and anklets, right? Does that bring back memories for you like it does me? Recently, we were at our family’s cabin with no internet, no cell service, no tv so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to teach my little one how to make a bracelet or two.

Working out while on vacation on Beachbody
  • Learn to play a musical instrument as a family. Challenge your kids and yourself to make a musical instrument out of things you have in the house. We like to use a box and about 10 rubber bands. See what you can do with that. OR how about a jar and some rice and beans (dry and uncooked of course)
  • Take up singing or dancing. Kids love to see this side of their parents and you will create long-lasting memories. Turn on the tunes and play FREEZE DANCE with the littles. They will get a kick out of it and you will get some extra movement in the day!
  • Teach your kids photography, painting, or write a poem! Get a paper and pencil and ask your kids to write down 10 rhyming words. Now, ask them to write a poem using these words!

Play a Sport

Get outdoors and learn the basics of a sport your kids aren’t already familiar with. This will be a great confidence builder as they head back to school in a few weeks. Not to mention, it’s a great way to get friends involved or to meet new friends if you decide to go to your local recreation center and an extra bonus for you….more movement in the day!

Ok now for some ideas to bust down the boredom doors. I am certain if you look through your craft drawer, cupboards, game room or toys, you can get creative and use what you have!

List of More Boredom Busters:

  • Visit the library
  • Find a complicated game to excel at (master the game of chess)
  • Make a craft using what you have at home
  • Cool off with water activities (invite the neighbors over for a water balloon battle)
  • Volunteer at a local favorite place
  • Self-Improvement (Commit to 100 Days of Healthy Habits)
  • Search local events to attend (there are lots of free events)
  • Go Camping-even if it’s just sleeping in the backyard
  • Bake or cook something new and let the littles decide (check out the NO-TELLA recipe here

Commit to 100!

You may have noticed, I started a new program which is 100 days long. It is 100 days of self-care through exercise, mindset, journaling, nutrition and just about all aspects of life. TO make it family-friendly, we decided to offer the 100-day challenge to our little ones as well. What would your little one like to commit to for 100 days? Mine chose reading! Print the attachments below and join us and be sure to message me with the details!

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I hope that this post has given you a few ideas to get you through the last few weeks of summer! I also encourage you to join us in committing to 100 days of healthy habits!

Kids Commit to 100 Days
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Have a safe, fun and boredom free summer!!!


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