Hey, Parents…we can do this!

Here are 10 helpful ways to stay on track this summer and fit 5 hours of “to-do’s” into 2 summertime hours!

Hey, parents!  

Summer is upon us and it is time to get in the groove!  Chances are, camps are starting and kids are getting excited for all that is to come.  Perhaps we, as parents are getting a bit stressed about how our normal day-to-day tasks when the littles aren’t in school will get accomplished?!  How are we going to cram in 5 hours of work into 2 power hours a day? That is the question! If you are anything like I am, you are panicking a bit knowing that summer is under way or about to happen for you and the littles.  While trying to stay calm, I have made every intention to think back to the days of high school athletics. Stay with me for a moment. Think of the seasons of sports in High School. Were you a winter sport girl? A Spring sport girl or year-around? My sports in HS were basketball and tennis leaving the spring-time somewhat open.  I vividly remember, the times of the school year where I was involved in every sport, dance program, after-school activity, etc. were the times I was most productive and effective with my grades and studies. I found that when I had more time, I had more time to get distracted, take on more responsibilities therefore leaving school work and studying at a casual pace.  The times when I had sports, I had to be laser-focused, intentional and extremely disciplined with each and every moment of the day.  

SO…If you are a parent about to fully engulf yourself in summer-time tunes, here are some suggestions to accomplish the same work you normally do but in a smaller window.  Let’s go back to the efficient High School days of playing sports and pretend we are in the season of all sports and activities! We can do this, parents!  

Here Are 10 Ways to Stay On Track This Summer:

  1.  Treat your hours like 60 minute time-blocks (schedule out every waking minute)
  2.  Spend some time each weekend PLANNING out your week with your favorite planner
  3.  Wake up BEFORE the rest of the household (see below on being a “morning person”)
  4.  Turn off ALL notifications when time is precious
  5.  Have a “top priorities” list before you dive in
  6.  Set a bedtime at a decent hour to ensure early wake up
  7.  Spend time doing PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT daily
  8. Fuel your body with good nutrition (no need for hangry moms with needy littles ;))
  9. SWEAT daily and pump that big, loving heart 
  10.  Instill QUIET TIME daily!  The little will benefit and SO WILL YOU!  

Sounds pretty simple, right?  We all know that can be more difficult at times and that with travel, camps, lazy mornings, late night BBQ’s it can be challenging at times.  BUT, the more we can get into a routine and make this a habit, the happier mom we will be with the more fulfilled heart.  

  1.  Treat your hours like 60 minute time-blocks rather than one full hour.  Schedule out each minute. It sounds tedious but is so helpful! When we look at the minutes and hold ourselves accountable to each minute in the hour, it helps to stay on track and focused!  Check out the printable document which allows you to fill in each minute. If you laminate this schedule, you can reuse it with a dry erase marker too! Give it a try and stick with it for 3 weeks.  Deal?
  2. Spend some time each week scheduling out your week!  This is something I have recently adopted and has changed my weeks drastically!  Truly! Get a glass or wine (if you have a yellow left 😉 ), a cup of tea, a spritzer and your favorite highlighters!  Who else loves colored pens, highlighters and sticky notes? Make it fun with some music and a candle and start planning!  See below. This is what my week typically looks like!  
  3. Wake up BEFORE the rest of the family!  Ok, let’s talk “morning person”. I used to believe that there was such a thing as a “morning person” vs. not a “morning person”.  However, I have learned that that title is just a mindset; just a title we give ourselves. When I hear someone say “I am just not a morning person”, I want to tell them that they can easily become a ROOSTER with me!  It is a learned behavior and a mindset shift. Trust me! I used to be the person who pressed snooze until I had exactly 7 minutes to get ready and out the door. It didn’t take me long to get ready but little did I know, that rushed feeling was not serving me well!
  4. TURN OFF ALL NOTIFICATIONS!  Now, the challenge will also be being FULLY PRESENT when we are amongst the rest of the family and our list (above) is in progress.  With the invention of the apple watch, I find it difficult at times to be FULLY present all while my wrist is buzzing non-stop so it is imperative at times for me to force myself to put that little nugget on airplane mode.  Easy? No way! Important? Absolutely!  
  5. Create a TOP PRIORITIES list before you sit down and definitely before you turn the computer on!  I find that if I turn the computer on and then make a list, the pop-ups and “dings” distract me and then it is 39 minutes later and I have not begun!  Get a LIST of top priorities and chose only 3 to accomplish in that time-frame! 
  6. Set a bedtime and try to stick to it.  Give yourself a 30 minute grace-period as we all know how hard it is to get really get to bed on time!  Use a reminder on your phone nightly to remind you when it is time to start winding down. Avoid all devices 1 hour before bed as we all know what blue light does to us!  It is easier said than done but sleep is crucial to staying energized, calm and prepared for an early morning wake up call!
  7. Personal Development, it is CRUCIAL to a positive mindset, growth and the ability to overcome obstacles!  Do you like to read, listen or watch? Whatever your preference, there is something for you! Try a podcast and find someone you relate to and “subscribe” to the station!  Get a list of personal development books and dive in; one page at a time. Find a TED Talk and make it happen! All are great forms or personal development! Suggestions?  -Pod Casts I love:  Robin Sharma, Chalene Johnson, The Model Health Show, Rachel Hollis, The Goal Digger and Janet Lansbury are among a few of my favorites!  Personal Development books: The COMPOUND EFFECT, ZEN and the Art of Happiness, The 5 SECOND RULE, Lorna Jane Clarkson, A SIMPLIFIED LIFE, 5 Ways to YAY, just to name a few!
  8. GOOD NUTRITION….it is a MUST!  There is NO ROOM in our lives for foods that are going to SLOW our bodies down!  Also, remember moms, we have some little people who are watching our every move. Every move.  Eat well, practice MEAL PREP and spend time on the weekends getting your nutrition nailed-down.  It is SO helpful and not to mention, saves you money! For more information on meal prep, visit my website at alethiatruefit.com (we need to add a sample meal plan to website I think)
  9. SWEAT DAILY!!! That too, is imperative.  Pump the heart and get your sweat on daily! Not only does it improve your physical health but your MENTAL SANITY too!  SANITY over VANITY is the key! My morning routine has helped me greet the little ones with a SMILE each morning! Although I love my sleep, the feeling of being woken up by a little pitter patter stresses me out but the ability to set my intentions, sweat a little, read a bit and sweat a lot helps me greet the day and little ones (and big ones too ;)) with a smile!  SWEAT DAILY and for more ideas for an exercise plan, visit alethiatruefit.com (need to add something)
  10. QUIET TIME daily is a must.  Having down time for you and them helps us all keep our sanity and love for one another, if you know what I mean!  Start small! Start with 10 minutes of quiet time if the little ones are not too keen on the idea. Then add 5 minutes the next day and 5 more minutes the next.  You get the idea! Believe me, they may throw a fuss to get there but once they are in their rooms and you in yours, everyone will benefit!  

OK, parents, we can do this!  Let’s make it a SUMMER to remember!  


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