Tips to Survive Thanksgiving Dinner

Tips to Survive Thanksgiving Dinner

Can you believe Thanksgiving is HERE?! We all love a great feast and the reminder to be extra grateful! We are going to be surrounded by delicious pies, casseroles, and turkey drenched in gravy. No reason to panic, these tips are going to help you not only survive but stay focused! First things first…..set an eating window for the feast. Yes, that is right, an time-frame when you know you will open and close the window. Even though it is a holiDAY….it doesn’t mean grazing ALL DAY is encouraged! Set your window and stick with it.

Before the day officially begins, get some movement in. Whether it is yoga, a walk, a HIIT workout or whatever you prefer, get your heart pumping and move that body! If you are looking for something to set your mind in place…..try this….when you wake up on Thanksgiving, find a quick meditation that will encourage starting your day with gratitude! Something simple like this will do:

For a fun, family event throughout the day, print this attachment and work on X-ing off the boxes! How many can you pack into one day? This was a fun calendar we used in my accountability group and challenged ourselves to step outside of the usual box! The little have had fun!

Eat a Healthy and filling Breakfast

We all have heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day but it is especially true on Thanksgiving! Don’t show up to the feast starving. That makes for disaster on the “staying-on-track” front! Eat a breakfast high in protein and fiber to set the tone for the day. When you think about carbs, choose carbs filled with fiber and even consider skipping the carbs to save for that delicious stuffing you’ve been dreaming about this week. Drink plenty of water and set a water goal when you wake up! Will it be 100 ounces of water? Whatever it is, drink up throughout the day! Make a pre-noon water goal so you know you’ve hydrated before all of the salty offerings appear!

For a delicious and clean breakfast, give this recipe a try! Prepare it the night before to wake up to a beautifully smelling house! If you’d like to avoid carbs all together at breakfast and lunch, stick to protein + plenty of veggies! Think 2 eggs over medium (or however you like them) with spinach and mushrooms on the side. Think a smoothie with protein, veggies, healthy fats and a touch of fruit too!

Portions, Portions, Portions

Don’t let that fancy place setting fool you, those plates can be bigger than your normal meal plates! Use a smaller plate and fill it with salad so that you go easy on the dressing. Be sure to go to the veggies first and fill your plate with a hearty portion of salad and veggies and then go to the rest.

Be Mindful and Set an Eating Window

With each bite, truly think about it, enjoy it and consciously chew. Set an eating window. There is no need to graze ALL DAY LONG! Decide when your window will open and close and stick to it! Savor and enjoy what you are eating so that you avoid mindless eating. Slow down! Take your time and really savor what you are eating. Don’t eat out of bags or bowls, put your food on a plate.

Cook Healthier

There are lots of healthier versions of your favorite dishes. There is no need to avoid or go without, just opt for the healthier version. One of my favorites is this pumpkin pie recipe:

Be Grateful

Again, truly think about each bite and say a word of thanks for it too! Before you being, perhaps the 30 minutes before the meal, sip on water. Once you start, here are some reminders to help you savor every bite! Remember to put your fork down after each bite. Really truly look at the food and consciously observe what goes into your mouth. It is not a race! Before you go for seconds, ask yourself “do I really need this” and sip some water, then go for the veggies first. Then, reevaluate!

Now, let’s think about the end result…Did you overeat? Don’t beat yourself up about it if you did. Get up and take a walk. Play a game with family members. Do a fun family workout. Get up and get moving! Just make sure to take a moment to remember why you are all together celebrating! Reflect on what you’re thankful for this year! As tasty as the dishes are, nothing compares to the people you share it with! If you think you may be in the position of wanting a clean, fresh start to your Monday after Thanksgiving, plan ahead for a clean food cleanse! I have my kit and if you’d like to join us, reach out today!

Let’s talk about a fun activity for the little ones to do! They will get a kick out of using VEGGIES to paint a masterpiece!

Broccoli Stamped Fall Tree-Kid Craft

So what are the kids going to do while you are busy in the kitchen? Here is a quick, easy, and fun craft for the whole family! Use a few spare broccoli pieces from your Thanksgiving dinner, dip in craft paint and decorate the tree printable below. For more details visit:

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