Working Out on Vacation | Tips by Alethia True Fit By YOU

While it can be tempting to relax completely when you go on vacation by avoiding your workouts until you return, it’s easier on your body to maintain them. Life is also more relaxed on vacation with less pressure to be on a tight schedule. SO….take that opportunity to move your body. You will be able to enjoy your day, meals and indulgences that much better! To help, we’ve collected a few tips for working out on vacation. Trust us, your body will thank you.

Tips for Working Out on Vacation by Alethia True Fit By You

Download Your Workout Routine on a Tablet

Download your workout on your tablet so you can workout while one vacation

Technology makes it possible to take your workout with you. Just download your workout routine on your tablet or to your phone. This will make it easy for you to remain consistent with your daily workout.

Embrace a Workout that Doesn’t Require Exercise Equipment

Exercise outside to help you workout while on vacation

When you go on vacation, try a workout that doesn’t require equipment. This can be a yoga routine that you perform on a hotel towel or on the sand at the beach. It can even be a pool aerobics class. If yoga or pool aerobics aren’t for you, then create a workout routine featuring old-school exercises like jumping jacks, sit-ups and push-ups.

Take Advantage of the Hotel Gym

Use the hotel gym to help you workout on vacation

Hotels often stock their gyms with nice workout equipment like elliptical machines, treadmills and weight machines. These gyms often have water stations available and towels to wipe away your sweat, making them comfortable to use. They may even have televisions to watch and stereo systems.

Take it Outside

If you’re vacationing somewhere for the scenery, then take your exercise routine outside. Go for a hike or jog down the beach. You can even swim in the ocean or your hotel pool. Strolling through ancient European neighborhoods is another way to get in your daily workout while taking in the sights.

Add Your Workout to Your Vacation Itinerary

Schedule exercise for working out on vacation

Include a time for exercise in your vacation schedule. When you have a dedicated workout time, you’ll be more likely to follow through with it. Choose a time by taking stock of what you plan to do each day of your vacation. This will help you select the best time for your workout.

Use a Fitness App

Download an app to help workout on vacation

Apps are a handy invention, and when it comes to working out on vacation, you can use them in several ways. Download an app that will let you search your vacation area for fitness classes close to your hotel. While vacationing, you may want to jazz things up a bit by trying a different type of fitness class. So, if you usually take an aerobics class, then give Zumba or Pilates a try.  Apps can also be used to create a workout routine.

Even on Vacation

When you continue your workouts on vacation, you’ll maintain the strength and flexibility of your body. Doing so will likely improve your vacation since exercising makes your body feel better. Contact Alethia for a personalized vacation workout plan before leaving town. Not only will this give you a workout routine that’s best for your body, but it will also make exercising on vacation more fun by giving you something new to try.


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