img_7698.jpgI am a mother to two children, a wife, daughter, sister, and friend.  As a mother, I started my current fitness journey over 4 years ago when I found it difficult to continue on with my pre-children exercise routine.  I was frustrated that I was unable to get out of the house to workout and move like I used to pre-kids but I knew there had to be away.  I reluctantly purchased some workout DVD’s and was convinced I would not like it.  However, 4 years later and I have not looked back once.  I loved the workouts, the ease of getting them in each day, and the ability to do a workout anytime I wanted to.  In the summer of 2016, I reconnected with a friend with whom I used to play basketball and she asked me why I was not a “coach” after we discussed our love for our home workouts.  That was all it took!  From that point on, I went in with both feet, full speed!

I wanted to share with others, the transformation I had experienced simply because I discovered home workouts.  My outlook began to change, my home became a health and wellness haven and I was hooked.  A few months into coaching, I began to research “clean eating” and nutrition as much as I could.  I quickly discovered new ways of cooking, baking, snacking, and most importantly, what my portions should look like.

I currently get up at 5:00 AM every day and spend about an hour and a half on myself.  I complete my 30-45 minutes of workout and then spend time prepping for my day. I enjoy 5-6 small meals a day with Shakeology being one of them and I feel great from the inside out.  My family also enjoys eating cleanly as well.  Something I like to remind myself of often is to HONOR MY COMMITMENT!  This is my commitment to myself and my family to be the best version of myself!  Keep Moving!

Do you ever get frustrated that you didn’t make it out for your run? Do you find it frustrating that you have to rely on others to get to the gym? Have you ever felt that it is too late to transform your body?

If you thought “yes” to any of these questions, read on!

Maybe you have noticed….I love feeling energized by working out, eating cleanly, and enjoying every bit of it. I love cooking for my family and friends, knowing that I use the best and most healthful ingredients available. Daily, while on the job, I get to notice, do, and participate in all of my favorite “things” while having a goal of inspiring others. This “job” is called “coaching” in the fitness world but I like to think of it as spreading the news of this attainable lifestyle, spreading the feeling of feeling great. It is through coaching that I get the opportunity to spread the word about accountability groups!



While focusing on exercising, I also stress how important it is to make sure what you put into your body is going to enhance your overall health. We focus on meal planning, prepping, and new recipes. We focus on being prepared for the week ahead so you don’t find yourself reaching for something that is not helping you achieve your goals. If you want to make a change or transformation or if you want to enhance your health and wellness goals, consider an accountability group. Please respond and pass this on to others who may be interested. It is worth a try!

Whatever you do, keep moving. Make every effort to keep moving in everything you do. Be that example to your children, spouse, parents, or friends! You can do it!