Chicken Gyro Wraps or Bowls Recipe

Chicken Gyro Wraps or Bowls Recipe by Alethia True Fit By You

Chicken Gyro Wraps or Bowls Recipe


  • 8 thin chicken cutlets (bbq’d and with olive oil, lemon juice and oregano)
  • Tomatoes
  • Wraps of choice (I like Flat Outs look for low cal, high in fiber low in sugar)
  • Fries of choice (potato, sweet potato, jicama, etc)  (see recipe on blog for Jicama Fries)
  • Arugula
  • Onions

If you’re making into a bowl, omit the wrap and use zoodles, quinoa, cauliflower rice or bottom layer of choice.

BBQ chicken and shred or cut into small pieces.  This can be done during weekly meal prep. Warm up when ready to eat with olive oil, red wine vinegar. Place wrap flat and start to layer with Arugula, Chicken, Tomatoes, onion, fries and top off with Tzadziki – see recipe on blog:

Tzadiki Sauce Recipe

Wrap tightly and enjoy!  


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