The Ultimate Reset

“I lost 15 lbs and felt a big difference in my energy, skin and reduction in inflammation.”
This is a message I got from a challenger in my group who did the Ultimate Reset a few months ago!  You will be challenged but the results and how you feel is so worth it!

What is the Ultimate Reset?


If you’ve been struggling with unhealthful eating habits, gut inconsistencies an overdependence on caffeine, junk food, or alcohol…or if you’ve just been experiencing low energy and a sluggish feeling…you need to commit to a clean break from unhealthy habits. The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is your step-by-step, 21-day guide to doing just that.

The Ultimate Reset was not designed to be easy. You’ll need to carefully follow a disciplined daily eating plan and supplementation program. Along the way, you’ll learn to shop for, prepare, and enjoy healthful, nutritious meals for all 21 days you’re on the program.

But here’s the good news. All your hard work can lead to great results in just 3 weeks. As you change your diet and eating habits, you’ll begin to see positive changes in the way you look and feel. And to help you on your journey, we provide you with all the information you’ll need to prepare for your Reset—including daily recipes, a program calendar, ingredient shopping lists, and more. In addition, we’ll make sure you have access to all the peer support and expert encouragement you’ll need to stick with the program.

Take back control of your diet and your life with help from the Ultimate Reset. It’s a challenge, but it has the power to create real, long-term change.

Why 3 Phases of Ultimate Reset?


In Phase 1, you RECLAIM your body, accessing its inner chemistry and preparing it for change. In Week One, you’ll gradually remove foods such as red meat and dairy from your diet, which are known to place stress on the digestive system.


In Phase 2, you begin to RELEASE unwanted compounds that have been holding your system back and start the detoxification process. This phase includes additional supplements, including a gentle colon cleanse and digestive support. In Week Two, you’ll now be eating a fully vegan diet.


In Phase 3, you’ll help RESTORE your digestive system along with other internal processes to maximum efficiency, putting nutrients, enzymes, and pre- and probiotics back into your body. In Week Three, you’ll now be eating mostly fruits and vegetables.


IMG_6325.JPGOne of the best parts of the Ultimate Reset is the 3 week yoga retreat that goes along with it.  During this three weeks, yoga is the main source of exercise!
3 weeks of yoga benefits