Be Bright. Grow Again!

Today is a NEW MONTH which translates to a FRESH START!  Every 1st day of the month, I like to look at it as a new opportunity to start again!     For me, it usually means a new workout program, a new calendar and a fresh start for a new meal plan!  On the first of the month, I also like to look back and reflect on what last month’s “wins” and lessons were.

IMG_3992.JPG.jpegOn our latest hike, we walked through the area where there was a forest fire last summer.  Immediately, I was drawn to this bright, yellow flower among all the black burnt surroundings.  My first thought was, only a year has passed and this little, yellow flower, made its way back to life.  How many times do we feel like we have been burnt in a forest fire and like there is no hope to grow again?  Well, this was my inspiration to remember that no matter how dark and ash covered life might feel at times, there is always a way to brighten up our surroundings!

I am challenging you today to think of a way to be bright and start again.  What way can you make a new start on life, work, friendships or YOU?  #bebright  #growagain


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