Big Things Often Times Have Small Beginnings!

As I was on my run this morning, I observed the SLOW sign.  It got my mind thinking about how sometimes, we have to take it slow and ease into something in order for it to turn into a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix.  I am a fan of tackling many things at once but at a pace, one can maintain for longevity.  Why do I bring this up?  Because it all circles back to making something a lifestyle change and not a quick fix.  You see me posting so often about making that change, digging in, deciding to take care of you and to finally create a lifestyle that you can maintain.  Big things have small beginnings and lead to bigger changes down the road. IMG_0362.JPG

Start small, work your way up, create balance and look at this as a long-term work in progress.  One year ago, I can tell you that I had no clue really what meal prepping and menu planning was.  I had no idea that this small way of life would forever change me.  But I gave it a try.  I started slow, small and with an open mind.  I challenge you to take it slow but make the changes.  Give yourself a chance to see the improvements.  Go in with an open mind and a desire to change and I assure you that you will be pleased with at least one small aspect of the change.

That brings me to accountability….I post daily on social media about accountability groups and why they work.   We start slowly but change quickly.  It doesn’t take long for challengers to see the progress, feel the changes and to begin to see this as a lifestyle change.  Accountability is ultimately up to YOU and only YOU.  That being said, you are MUCH more likely to hold yourself accountable when others are counting on you and waiting for your post.  So however slowly you decide to start, start somewhere.  Decide to change and let it happen!  You are worth it.


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