BOO-Stay On Track!

03ca98d5762145feba7f228c2f4a69a7.jpegIt is OCTOBER 31st!!! Happy Halloween! 👻🎃
Does it seem crazy to anyone else that we dress up and dress our kids up to go around and ask for candy? I have never really thought about it before but….
Candy Corn, M&Ms, Snickers, OH MY! Reese’s, caramel apples, Twix bars, OH MY!
My biggest advice to myself and for my kids is to PLAN ahead. What will we do to planahead will help us limit what goes into our bodies!
🎃Before you hit a Halloween party, both kids and parents have a healthful meal at home.
👻Work out before the event. Many studies show we are more likely to eat less after a workout!
🎃Watch your portion sizes. Everything in MODERATION! Set a limit on how many candies you and your kids will be allowed for the day!
👻Get yourself out of the “all-or-nothing” mentality. Just because it is Halloween, doesn’t mean the whole day should be full of eating “crap”!
AND…..after the lights are turned off and the trick-or-treaters are all gone, bag up the extra candy in the bowl and plan to give it away, send to some troops, take to the office but GET IT OUT OF YOUR HOUSE tonight! 🙂


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