By Candlelight Under the Bright Stars!

Why do I work on the weekends after everyone else has gone to bed? Because I LOVE what I do and it doesn’t feel like “work”. This was my “desk” last night and I was truly inspired by the millions of starts twinkling above me. IMG_4025.JPG.jpegMany times, I will spend hours at the computer or reading well after the rest of the family has gone to bed because it is inspiring. I want to be able to pass that inspiration on to other people. There is so much reward and satisfaction to helping others reach their goals, create balance, and improve their health and wellness. My job does not mean coming to your house while you exercise or to clean out your pantry (although I will), but I can empower you to do it yourself, even from afar! I can inspire you to do it for yourself, your family and whatever reason you have that lights your fire within!   That is why tonight, I am working by candle light and a little lamp while the rest of the family sleeps. #momlife #mompreneuer #iamhereforyou #momoftwo


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