Calls, Calls and More Calls

Calls, Calls, and MORE Calls!
Well, typically, conference calls are dreaded, right? They go on forever sometimes and can be a waste of time. However, as a coach, I look SO FORWARD to conference calls. In the last 2 days, I have thoroughly enjoyed 4 conference calls and all for different reasons.

1. John Maxwell Call learning specific suggestions he had for us! Talk about Personal Development!
2. My first TEAM CALL of coaches on my team was held last night! It is in the books, I have a team of coaches that I get to lead and mentor and continually be inspired by each of them as well!
3. Conference call with

4.  Lastly, I was asked to speak on a team call for another team within Beachbody and it just ended.  Not only did I meet some new coach from coast to coast and up to Canada, but I was inspired by them as well.  I was asked to share my story and how I have been consistent over the last 11 months.  That is it for Conference calls for the week and I can honestly say, I was not ever once looking at the clock to see when the calls were ending but rather taking notes and sharing ideas every second of the call!  I am always looking to grow my team of coaches so ask yourself, are you interested?  If you said even the slightest yes, I am asking you to reach out so I can tell you more 😊   #coachlife



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