Do You FLOW?

Today’s yoga workout was all about the FLOW.  Yoga was 20 minutes and didn’t stop “flowing” from start to finish.  While I was doing yoga, I thought about what it means to really FLOW.  It is typically described as being engrossed in something which is challenging but pleasurable at the same time.  I thought of last night when my son and I did a puzzle and it “flowed”.  It was somewhat challenging but didn’t feel pressured or boring, it flowed!

When things flow, I am in the moment, my yoga gestures become whole and confident and it feels like a softly running stream.  The biggest obstacle that gets in the way of my flow is that desire of my brain wander away from what I am doing, to compare, to judge my movements.  I have compared this flowing yoga to everyday life.  As soon as I start comparing and judging, I take myself out of that FLOW of life.   Do you find that you have a hard time keeping your mind in one place?  Often times, my mind races with ideas, thoughts, worries, concerns and it takes a conscious effort to bring my thoughts back to the present moment.  Whether it is yoga, doing a puzzle, playing with the kids, enjoying dinner with my husband, I owe it to myself and the other person to be fully present.  To let the conversation and the moment FLOW!
As you may have seen, I have been on a RESET plan which has completely changed my diet and exercise for the past 2+ weeks.  This journey has been an amazing 3 week (almost) process of learning so much about myself mentally as well as physically!  Yoga along with a totally different meal plan has truly changed my body soul and mind!    I look forward to what is to come and to adopting many of these practices into my “regular” routine starting on Monday!  Watch for my complete overview post comic this weekend!  #yogaflow #threeweekyogaretreat #beyou  #ultimatereset


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