Go Out On A Limb!

Tomorrow is September 1st!!!  Let’s set ourselves up for SUCCESS!

Do you get the feeling that September is a month of MANY changes?  We say goodbye to summer and hello to fall.  We say goodbye to lazy summer mornings and hello to schedules, plans and routines.  We get used to new teachers and say good bye to camp counselors and swim coaches!  We look back with smiles on our faces remembering the family vacation or the trip to the ice cream store.  September is a time of change.  The change can be as small as preparing lunches daily, new drop-off schedules, new schools, new friends and or new schools.  Whatever the changes are, it feels different!

img_3985-jpg.jpegAs mothers, often times, we put everyone else first and then take care of ourselves, right?  We get everyone their breakfast in the morning and then sit down (or gulp on the road) and feed ourselves.  We pack lunches for the kids (and possibly husbands) and then get our lunch (if there’s time).  We make sure our kids are showered, clean and out the door and MAYBE we will get a shower in before pick-up!  We make it work.  This post is dedicated to moms (or dads) taking care of themselves so that we can better take care of others.  It doesn’t take much, really!  It truly doesn’t.  Just a commitment to be the best versions of ourselves so we can best be there for the ones we so love.

In September, I am running another challenge group.  During this month, we are going to specifically focus on the little ways to take care of ourselves.  What do I mean by that?  I mean making sure we get our exercise in daily (just 2% of our day/30 minutes), we prep meals and menus ahead of time so we are not stressed leaving the house in the morning, we properly hydrate ourselves so our system runs smoothly and our skin stays young!  We plan out snacks for ourselves and our kids so we are not caught on the road pulling into a DRIVE-THROUGH!  We prep dinners so that the time between pick-up and dinner runs as smoothly as possible and so we can spend time with family!  AND one of the biggest things we do is GIVE OURSELVES MORE ENERGY….Ask me how!  I promise you, the majority of my challengers say that they feel so much more energy.

Go to sleep tonight thinking about September, about you, about your schedule and about what changes you will make.   Wake up tomorrow EXCITED for these changes and reach out so we can get a plan going for you!  YOU ARE WORTH IT and your family will thank you 🙂img_3580-jpg1.jpeg
Goodbye Summer Days!  Until next year!


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