Happiness Trumps Perfection!

Today, I was that mom who was in a “tizzy” as we used to tell our mother!  I was scrambling to get things accomplished and in order.  It took me looking in the mirror and then looking down at my bracelet that says “ENJOY THE JOURNEY” to realize that I was that “tizzy” mom for half the day!  After looking the mirror, noticing my bracelet and taking a deep breath, I changed my goal for the day.  My goal was to enjoy a day of happiness, not perfection!  I am renewed and focusing on things that bring me happiness.  I am working on avoiding thoughts of my to-do list!

IMG_1442.JPGI am that person who wants the house to be organized and put together.  I would like to get all my TO-DO list checked off each day and stick to my schedule.  However, since having children, I have learned that I must force myself to LET GO of some of the things that don’t really matter in the long run!  I must consciously resist the urge to get “one more thing” accomplished.  Rather, it will be much more memorable and effective to get one more hug, one more page of that amazing book you are reading or one more look at the sunset.  #letgoandenjoy #thelittlethings



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