Hard Labor-New Program

Are You Ready For A Week of Hard Labor?

Shaun T Week was such a fun week and program and my accountability group had so much fun doing it together.  Tomorrow, another new program comes out for the week! HARD LABOR, it is!  We are going to try a week of HARD LABOR with the Beast himself, Sagi Kalev.

What Is A Week Of Hard Labor?

A Week of Hard Labor is going to be just like Shaun T week – starting on September 5th, Sagi will release a new workout on Beachbody on Demand every day for 5 days. He will target a different muscle group each day and work it until it can’t work anymore! During this 5-day program we will work on your chest and back, legs, shoulders and arms, total body, and core.

A Week of Hard Labor is perfect for anyone interested in weight training, people who don’t like heavy cardio, and fans of The Beast!!  Sagi will whip you into shape with 25-45 minute workouts and I will keep you on track with daily motivation, accountability, and support.

This program is released tomorrow, RIGHT when we need it most! Labor Day is the time to end the summer with picnics, parties and cookouts so this comes at a great time to get back on track!  We are back to routines, schedules and “normalcy” so why not throw some HARD LABOR into your plan?


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