Having a PLAN is CRUCIAL!

Take a look at this fridge in the photo below. This is from a person in my challenge group who just started meal prepping. She is loving it and is SO prepared for the day with snacks, meals, and most importantly a PLAN!   She knows exactly what to grab on her way out the door because she has planned her meals for the week!  
Now take a look at the snacks offered at another challenger’s place of work. She posted this photo below early this morning.  Her commented that she was SO thankful she had her healthful snacks and lunch prepared and with her and that she had a PLAN so she could avoid this temptation!Part of accountability groups is exercise, yes! Exercise is a huge component to success and health. In addition, we focus on meal planning, prepping, menu planning, preparing snacks and again, most importantly having a PLAN. If you don’t have a plan, you plan to fail. If you do have a plan, it helps you keep on track to reaching and achieving your fitness goals!
Who wants a plan? Who wants to know what their month looks like so that will help you stay on track and reach goals you have been dreaming of for a while? Contact me today if you’d like more details! Message me or simply fill out this form!


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