Hey moms, let them try!

Hey, moms….do you ever get pleasantly surprised to find out that our little ones can do way more than we think they can?  Sometimes it doesn’t cross our minds to let them try certain things, right?  Well, I am going to make a more concerted effort to pass the baton off on certain things and let them run with it.


Why?  Letting kids do things for themselves helps them reach their full potential, gives them confidence, lets them be independent, teaches them life-skills, and helps them develop!  SO, I challenge all of us to STOP and let them try.  Next time you catch yourself doing something for your child, think to yourself, ‘can my child do this by him/herself?’ and I bet we all may be surprised!


Sometimes it is MUCH easier to do it for them and to SPEED up the process but in the long run, we are not doing them any favors.  Start with something small and watch them grow!  This is an açaí bowl that my little one made this morning and she was very proud of it!  This month is a special month as we are doing a MOTHER/DAUGHTER accountability group together and she is helping me “run” the show.  Each morning or afternoon, we are doing a “movement session” of anywhere from 11-25 minutes and it is quality, connecting time that is PRECIOUS.

Are you looking for a way to get your little or big ones moving, off the couch, off the devices?  Reach out to me today as there is still room in our group!



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