I Am Here To Help!

Do you press the snooze button thinking that you will get just a few more minutes of sleep?  Reality could be, those extra minutes are making you more tired.  Today was one of those days where I’d much rather be in the warm blankets and skip the workout.  However, I have over a hundred people counting on me to  show up for that morning workout.  I think back to the time before accountability groups.  If I chose to stay in bed, no one was wondering where I was.  It was all up to me!  I am 100% HERE TO HELP but the reality is, they help me just as much.  Each day, we lift each other up and some days some are stronger than others but we are all getting closer to that long-term goal.  Do you struggle to stick to your commitment because of lack of accountability?
With the winter months ahead and the cold weather, mornings in bed can be more desirable but staying committed to yourself and your wellness plan is even more important than ever!  I like to make it as simple as can be to eliminate the guess work.  No longer to I have to think about getting in an ice cold car, walking through the snow and doing it all over again on the way back, not to mention the 20 minutes wasted in the car!  I simply roll out of bed, brush my teeth, put my workout clothes on and press PLAY! Are you looking for a change and a new routine?  Would you like to incorporate fitness into your everyday routine?  I can tell you how by just spending 2% of your day working on YOU!


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