I HEART Mondays!

It used to be that I got the SUNDAY NIGHT BLUES, it felt like I was back in high school or college when you realized the weekend was coming to an end and the weekdays started all over again.  My body would literally change directions and my mind would be in a sad state that the weekend was over.  Well, that has all changed!  I am going to give you my top FIVE reasons why I LOVE Mondays!


  1.  A FRESH START:  Essentially, we get a do-over.  We get to begin again with a clean slate!  Whatever did not get checked off you list from the weekend, say goodbye!  Let it go.  Add it to another list but let the feelings of disappointment go!  Now you have a fresh start to the week ahead.  Focus on that!
  2. SET NEW GOALS:  Monday and every day is an opportunity to set new goals!  Get your sticky notes out, your calendar, your to-do list and GOAL SET away!
  3. A NEW DAY TO START A WORKOUT PROGRAM:  Yes, Monday is a new day and go and get a killer workout in and remember how you feel after!  If you workout on  a Monday, you are much more likely to workout the rest of the week.  Make it happen!  One of the best things you can do for yourself is KEEP MOVING, GET ACTIVE and especially on a Monday!
  4. A CHANCE TO CHANGE YOUR MINDSET:  Guess what, disliking Mondays is all an illusion.  Change your mindset to like day 1 of 7!  It is all a perspective!  Make it happen!
  5. PLAN AHEAD:  It is the perfect day to plan for NEXT WEEKEND!  Yes, that is right, you only have four more days to plan for the next adventure, get going!


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