It is OK to SAY NO!

Today in my accountability group, we are woking on protecting our timed freedom by saying “no” to obligations that do not bring us value and joy!  Believe me, it is easier said than done but I find myself happier when I make a conscious decision to protect my time.   Do you?


Have you found yourself getting overwhelmed by not being able to fit another appointment, birthday party, social obligation, summer camp, etc. onto your calendar?  DO you ever find yourself dreading an “obligation” you agreed to?  Does it hang over your head until it is over?  After reading an amazing book this last week, I have made a commitment to myself to be VERY selective when saying “YES”!  Life has become so busy that it is very important to protect our own time, to ensure that the commitment is of value, that it brings joy and that it will be beneficial to you AND your family.

If we continually say “YES” to everything, we dilute ourselves and give ourselves less time to fulfill our passions and spend time with family and friends.  Life will open up for us in new ways when we are able to be very protective of out time and say “no” to the obligations which don’t bring us job!  I am not suggesting to become “cold” or anti-social but rather to protect our sanity!  Saying “no” will help protect our freedom!  Wake up tomorrow and say “THIS IS MY DAY and I WILL DO WITH IT WHAT I WISH”.


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