Love Your Job. Live Your Job!

So this is the scene…Vacation is here and while the pool is being enjoyed by all, I am taking a quick “work break”.  The “work day” started with a glass of water, workout clothes on, computer taken outside, and my 25 minute workout began.   Then…I checked in with my accountability group, challengers and coaches!  I then I enjoyed a vanilla/banana/almond butter shake.  I then I continued on with the day as the littles woke up!
When you love what you do, it does not feel like work, ever.  I enjoy creating meal plans and workout schedules.  I enjoy reaching out to others with the intention of exposing him/her to a lifestyle change.  I enjoy speaking to my team of coaches and helping them grow their own businesses.   As a coach, I enjoy living my “job”, inspiring others and challenging myself to improve daily.  As the day goes on, I will continue to enjoy this beautiful summer day, “work” in between and live the life I have created.  I have 10 spots for a coach sneak peek for anyone who wants a glimpse into coaching.  Message me now to be added to a list for the coach sneak peek group (no obligation) starting next week.  Do you want to make a change?  #coachlife #loveyourjob #liveyourjob


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