Mommy, What’s For Dinner?

“Mommy, what’s for dinner?”  It is 5’ o clock and that question seems to be programed like an alarm clock.  Do you hear that question often?  It seems to be a regularly occurring question that is not asked just once at 5′ o clock but about 55 times, right?!

IMG_3721.JPGKids are home from school, soccer, piano and are running on empty.  They have low-blood sugar and want to know what is going to be on the table.  If this situation plays like a recording in your house, consider having a meal plan!
Meal planning helps alleviate stress for you AND for the littles in the house.  Just like in every other aspect of life, children feel more
comfortable knowing what to expect.  You may be able to avoid the nagging or comments from the littles or spouses too when everyone helps plan and knows what to expect.
Menu and meal planning can:
1.  Help save money
2.  Help alleviate stress
3.  Save you time throughout the week
4.  Avoids wasting food
5.  Eat more healthfully
6.  Eat less “junk” food
7.  Forces you to plan ahead
8.  Allows you to be more efficient at the grocery store
9.  Eat more high quality foods (home cooked)
10.  Gives you one more reason to sit around the table as a family!
Planning meals is an activity that can bring a family together.  Whether you are cooking for one or an entire family, taking time to sit and plan your future meals will benefit you in the long run!
STOP waiting on the perfect time or meal planning system  to get going.  Just MAKE IT HAPPEN!  There is no perfect meal planning system.  It just takes experimentation and the will to get it done!
Meal planning is not just about what you WANT to eat but what you NEED to eat to fuel your body!  Just think….you don’t have to start out from zero each day but from a base plan and  with prepped ingredients!


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