Rocky Mountain High!

Beach or Mountain?  What Would you choose?  Although I love the beach, after a day like today, I’d chose the MOUNTAINS!  I have realized that my environment invigorates me!  I completed my 7th day of Shaun Week but then wanted to be in the mountains more so went for an amazing run!  The entire run, I feel great and with each step was inspired to go further.  Do you ever feel that way?

As I reflect back on this run today, I am reminded of how just moving and exercising can change my entire outlook.  Without it, I am a different person and I am so thankful that I have committed to making MOVEMENT a top priority.  It takes me back to the performance I saw by Julianne and Derek Hough where they stressed the idea of MOTION creates EMOTION!  How true is this?  Motion and movement can change a mood within minutes.  If you find yourself down and out, try moving.  Get up, lace your shoes, and give yourself a goal of 5 minutes of movement.  I assure you, you will want to do more!  KEEP MOVING!



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