So Long Summer Days!

As the long summer days are coming to an end, it is time to reflect back and enjoy the memories you created for summer 2017! The loose, lazy days with the ability to plan as you go are becoming a memory and it is time to re-focus and begin again. Hopefully, there were times when you played like a kid, enjoyed a plunge into the water and worked towards becoming your best self. Create a way to cherish the days with a photo album, journal or collage of the favorite things you did. If all the bucket list items didn’t get checked off, move them to next year and cherish the events that did.

img_1178-jpg.jpegAs the mornings are darker, the air is cooler, that is even more of  a reason to have a place to workout that doesn’t require much effort.  Truly!  This morning, I opened my window and felt that cool air, turned on the workout and was started within 5 minutes of  waking up.  (1 minutes to brush, 1 minute to change, 1 minute to get my water, 1 minute to add socks and shoes and 1 minute to press PLAY).  I was well on my way to a successful MONDAY!

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