Sunshine, Flowers, and a SMILE!

This morning, we set out for a family hike.  We got a little later start than we had liked but I wore my GOTTA HAVE HEART shirt this morning for a reason.  I made a vow to myself that I would have HEART all day.  We got to the trail head and had just started when we met a couple who were on their way down from the lake.  I said “good morning, how was it?”  The woman frowned and said “too crowded and too many people on the trail” and went on without not even a glimpse of a smile.  I walked a few feet and thought to myself ‘how can you have that attitude in this beautiful setting?’  I then thought about the fact that yes, I would rather not see people on the trail.  No, I don’t like moving over so people can pass on the way down, but…isn’t it great that people are getting up and getting out?  In a country with the highest obesity rate, isn’t it great to see all shapes, ages, sizes, and makes on the trail?


I then decided it is all a matter of MINDSET!  I could have been bugged by the people on the trail but chose to be happy for them and for myself!  In all honesty, we only saw 3 other parties on the trail the entire time.  Solution:  set your alarm for 5am and get out EXTRA early and you won’t see many people, just animals.  Reflecting back on this morning’s hike, I was very proud of myself for taking the route to have HEART and see the silver lining and that I am aware that I can chose how I want to react.

CHOSE happiness.  It is just as easy to chose happiness as it is to chose to be upset!  This was a great start to the morning and reminder at how unattractive a bad attitude can be!  HAVE and LIVE WITH HEART!



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