On July 3rd, I will be starting my new Accountability Group which will offer support to survive the summer months!
SUMMER IS HERE! The weeks and weekends can be easily packed with trips, holidays, vacations, play dates, pool time, BBQ’s, summer camps, weddings, celebrations and there is food, ice cream, cake, cocktails, chips and dip everywhere you turn.  It is hard to avoid a couple chips here, a slice of cake there, a popcicle here and a snack bar grilled cheese there.  Before you know it, it all starts to creep up on you and the fall will be even more challenging to prepare for the month of December!  
Now is the time to start taking care of your body and to create a plan so that the BLAH feeling doesn’t set in!  It is time to learn some simple habits that can help set you up for success going into the fall.  There are ways to live with balance so you can enjoy summer while not allowing yourself to take 10 steps back to make it harder to climb that mountain.  
In this accountability group, you will be provided with restaurant guides, weekly meal plans, vacation tips, clean eating BBQ recipes and more to set you up for success and to allow you to feel great while enjoying every bit of summer!  In this group, you will have a place for ideas, guides, plans, programs and support to get you on your way to a LIFESTYLE CHANGE!   If you are looking for a QUICK FIX or a DIET, this is not the place.  If you are looking for a way to set yourself up for long-term improvements and a new way of life, this is your spot!
If you are ready and committed to MAKE THAT CHANGE you have been thinking about, NOW is the time.  Don’t wait until September to get “back into shape”.  Make small changes now that will help you balance your life for the months to come!
This is a program in which NOTHING can get in the way if you so choose.  DO this for YOU! 


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