Tell Your Story!

YOUR STORY MATTERS!  Each of us has a story and that story matters.  Some stories are happy, some sad, some powerful, and the list goes on!  Why does our story matter, you ask?  Well, because life matters.  Every bit of our life is a learning opportunity with plenty to digest.  Learning from our own story helps us grow and learning from other’s stories can give us hope, teach us important life-lessons and motivate us to move on!  In accountability groups, we all learn from each other and we share ideas!  One post may resonate with another and push that person to move forward, to wake up that day and exercise.  Another post may remind us all that everyone has their own version of HARD and it’s how we deal with it which really matters!   So….tell your story, write another chapter to that story and chose the way you want the story to go.  What chapter are you on?  #tellyourstory



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