The mind speaks, the body listens!

As I am sitting here getting some work accomplished, I am listening to the sound of the amazing navy seals training in the pure darkness of night.  This quest began right after sundown and they are still in small rafts rowing as fast and hard as they can to keep their heads above water.  I am thinking to myself ‘can you imagine how hard that is and sometimes I complain about a workout being hard?’.  After they row their rafts, they get out, run, carry the rafts, fill them with sand, and it doesn’t end.  They then have to row back.  They are soaking wet and probably tired, cold, hungry and the list goes on!
What kind of a person does it take to be able to do this?  My conclusion is that it takes a person with a VERY strong mind.  We all have our own definition of hard and our own situations, but what we all have in common is that our body will do whatever our mind tells it to do.  If we believe we can make a change, our body will change.  If we tell ourselves we can get up an hour earlier tomorrow to exercise, our body will follow.

So I have promised myself to keep this memory close by as motivation when my body needs to hear from my mind!  I challenge you to do the same!  If you ever think you don’t have enough energy for a 30 minute workout, think of the seals who have had to train their minds to direct their bodies in ways most people will never experience.  Mind is truly over matter!  Isn’t it refreshing to know that our body will do it, we just have to believe, reiterate, and believe again!



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