To PREP or not to PREP? PREP!

As you may have noticed, yesterday, I spent most of my afternoon getting our family ready for the week ahead.  I am a huge fan of meal prepping.  You don’t have to be a pro or even like to cook (I love to cook) but you do have to have a desire to be prepared for what’s to come!  It seems like an enormous task and will take some getting used to but it sure feels great once you get a system in place.  We have made it a family affair and everyone gets involved and enjoys the prep and the results too!   Yesterday, we decided to take the menu prep to our favorite little coffee shop.IMG_3379  I gathered input from the family and we made our list.  Usually, my husband does the weekend grocery shopping but I did it yesterday.


Sunday afternoons are usually spent prepping food and we all help out.  Hubs on the BBQ, kids making things like oatmeal jars, bars, snack bags, etc. and I do the main dishes.  This has become a weekly routine when we are home and we all truly enjoy the time together in the kitchen.

What are some benefits to meal prepping?
1.  Better Nutrition-you limit the times you are STARVING and grab anything in site or go to the drive-thru!
2.  Better Metabolism-you tend to eat more often therefore prepared at snack time so you can fuel your body and keep everything “ticking” properly inside.
3.  Saves Money-Planning and prepping allows you to skip the $12.00 salad or the $14.00 burger a day and you avoid the treats that go along with it.  That savings right there is enough to get you ALL ACCESS ON DEMAND and a SHAKE a day!  Both of which are much more beneficial to your overall health and wellness!  Also, buying in BULK or bigger quantities will sometime save you money depending on the item!
4.  Less Stress-When you meal prep and plan, your meals are ready and planned out for the week ahead.  Imagine coming home from work after picking up the littles from school.  It is nearing dinner time and everyone is HUNGRY.  If you have to think of a dish to make, make sure you have the ingredients, prep and cook, that is much more stressful than taking out the items from the fridge and getting to work!
Most of all, it helps you feel ready for the week ahead, allows you to focus on other things during the week and gives you a good excuse to start a new family tradition!


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