Up With The Roosters

As you may have noticed, I like waking up early!  I love that quiet morning time when I can think, focus, and prepare for the day.  Usually, my mornings are spent exercising but today was a day of stretching and I wanted to take that to the beach.  With that morning quiet time before the rest of the family was awake, I chose to meet a new friend to discuss the opportunities with the coaching business.  This was where we met!  IMG_3091.JPG.jpeg

The beauty of this “job” of mine is that I can take it anywhere I go.  On vacation, I have come across some amazing individuals who have inspired me and I have inspired them as well.  It has allowed me to reconnect with individuals from my past, present and to make new friendships along the way.  Happy Sunday, all!  I am feeling thankful today for the ability to travel, be healthy, and inspire along the way!  What will you do today to inspire someone? If you are interested in learning more about coaching or accountability groups, I am here to HELP!


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