UPHILL Goals and DOWNHILL Habits

As we were hiking this morning, this quote kept coming to mind. Last week, I posted about a special call I got to be on with JOHN MAXWELL and this is one of the quotes that stuck with me. How true is this? If your habits don’t match your dreams and goals, you are not going to make it up the hill to reach the goals, right?!
Everything worth doing has some sweat and hard work involved! Everything worth reaching for is uphill with some kind of struggle. If our habits take us back down the hill, we will have a very hard time getting up the hill to the goal! Today, as we hiked, I knew our end goal was the beautiful waterfall! The trail was our road map to the end-goal. As we hiked, I thought about my habits and thought about if my daily actions are in line to get me to my end-goals. This is a time to take an honest look at what you are doing each and ever day and ask yourself if those habits and actions are helping you hike UP the hill or DOWN the hill?
In my challenge group, I stress to my challengers that it is important to work hard all week and to plan for the weekend so that all that happened during the week is not un-done on the weekend. We have an end-goal in mind and in order to get there, we have to stay on the right trail, the one that is leading us uphill.
We were hiking with our kids today and that meant a slow steady pace but always in the direction of UP the hill, not down. That made me think about the fact that it is not all or nothing, it is BALANCE. Slow and steady is great as long as you are heading in the right direction, to your end-goal! You can do it! Set some goals, write them down and then make a trail map that leads you to the waterfall! #noexcuses #dailyhabits  


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