What are your LITTLE Things?

“Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in our heart”.

IMG_4142.PNGThis quote from Winnie the Pooh is SO true.  One memory of my best memories from growing up is family dinners.  I remember it being so important to my parents that we sit down and eat as a family. The phone was not to be answered, the TV was off and we were conversing.  Little things like this can truly take up a large part of our HEART!  What little memory are you creating?  I am thinking of little things I want to give to our family that may be prime real estate in the little munchkins’ hearts!

This past weekend, I taught my daughter how to make a friendship bracelet.  We were in a quite place, not one distraction and it was a moment.  I am certain this is a “little thing” that’ll hold a big place!  Sometimes in the hustle of life, I forget to slow down and create little moments, do you?  I am making a pact to myself to make more room for little things to be created.  Who knows what will hold the most room in her heart but I am certain, this was a moment we will always remember! IMG_4016.JPG

What are your favorite memories from elementary school?  I can think of “first Fridays”. That meant free dress, half day and walking with friends to McDonalds!  What are your favorite memories from High School?  Hmmm…that is a tough one.  I may have to say the feeling of September and starting something new, football games, cafeteria talk and the newness of each year.  College?  Hmmm, another tough one but the little memory that comes to mind is simply the newness of living on my own surrounded by so many friends.  My challenge to myself and to you, if you’d like, is to create a new “little memory” from September 2017!   Let’s make some space in that heart!


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