Are you Interested?  

Are you willing to change?  

Do you want to feel inspired?  

Accountability WORKS!  


WHY am I so passionate about this program? 

When it became hard to figure out how I was going to get out for a run or hit the gym each day, I had to find an alternative. There was a clear VOID in my life without some good physical activity.
I stumbled across a program that allowed me to order DVD’s and do the workouts from my own home. I never liked working out to videos at home in the past but was willing to give it a try. I did and never looked back.
Each of the workouts are 22 to 30 minutes (or more if you’d like) and are sure to make you break a sweat. Because there is a variety of options, I never get tired or bored of the trainers and routines. PIYO (pilates/yoga), Hard Corps, CIZE (hip-hop dance), Turbo Fire (aerobic), 21 day FIX, and the list goes on.
Now be sure to add COUNTRY HEAT to that list. All could be done at home, in a gym, in a small apartment and can travel with you if you are on vacation or traveling for business.
beating the winter times blues includes exercising, beach body, beating depression, eating healthy, healthy choices

WHAT I love: 

The 22 or 30-minute workouts are short enough to do before my kids wake up, or even if they are awake! My children either join in or stay busy for that short time! There is no need to schedule in driving time to a gym. Just wake, up, get your water, log in to Beachbody on-demand or turn on the DVD player and MOVE!
I am inviting you to be part of a “challenge group.” What does a “challenge group” mean?
A challenge group simply means you will be a part of a workout challenge group for 21 days and you get access to many workouts through On Demand streaming or DVDs.
For those 21 days, you will honor your commitment to do ONE workout each day (some are 22 minutes, some 30, and some are 90. YOU get to choose which workout YOU would like to do).
I will typically complete one 30-minute workout in the morning each day and possibly add a run or something else if it works into my schedule. It is very flexible and YOU get to decide!


This means you are part of a group of individuals who are “in it together.”  The saying is true, however, that ultimately YOU  the one who is accountable for YOU.
I can tell you from both studied and personal experience, you are much more inclined to workout for 30-minutes knowing other challengers within your group are working to stay accountable as well.  
After a while, this lifestyle change becomes routine and you will feel unsettled if you miss even one day.  Accountability groups allow you to hold yourself accountable while being motivated by others and to recognize that when there are both a will and a deep desire, there is always a way to change.  

Accountability Groups Include:

  •    30 + minute workouts
  •    Clean eating guidance
  •    Portion control
  •    Hydration
  •    Good sleep
  •    Nutrient-packed smoothie
  •    Menu planning tips
  •    Meal prep guidance
Meal plans included in accountability groups

The Details:

  • 21 days long
  • Daily check in (private Facebook page)
  • At least one workout a day (from home, gym, hotel room, cabin, wherever)
  • Focus on proper hydration (1/2 your body weight in ounces + a little extra)
  • Focus on “clean eating”
  • Implement containers system into daily meals
  • Track progress with workout calendars and guides
  • Daily nutrient dense smoothie
  • Mini-challenges within the 21 days (for example add a 10-minute ab workout, wear blue workout clothes, hold 2 minutes of plank, etc.)