Love for Littles

I am many things: Woman, daughter, friend, wife, coach, the list goes on and on! But one of my most important roles is MOM! That is why the motto of Alethia True Fit By You is “Care for you so you can care for them.”

If you are a mom, I’m sure you have heard the saying “Take care of yourself!” And if you are like most moms, your response is, “But I have no time for myself…it’s all focused on caring for my kids!”  What we need to realize (and what I had to find out for myself as well) is that to truly care for our littles, we first HAVE to take care of ourselves!

What I found was, as I started caring for my own health and wellness, my kids became excited and wanted to take part in the journey right along with me. As you embark on your own health and wellness experience, look for ways to involve your kids and give them the gift of self-care from an early age. Here are some great resources to help!

Wellness for Kids




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