NO Excuses!

As I rode up on a chairlift this morning, I noticed a sign for a ski run called "NO EXCUSE".  I had a good 20 minutes on the lift to think in the peaceful quiet of the mountains and thought about how I have honored my commitment for the past year.  There have been plenty … Continue reading NO Excuses!

Do You FLOW?

Today's yoga workout was all about the FLOW.  Yoga was 20 minutes and didn’t stop “flowing” from start to finish.  While I was doing yoga, I thought about what it means to really FLOW.  It is typically described as being engrossed in something which is challenging but pleasurable at the same time.  I thought of … Continue reading Do You FLOW?

Nailed It!

This morning, as I was rushing to an appointment, I received a call from a dear friend and “challenger”.  She said she was in need of a recipe to recreate NUTELLA and she asked how she could do using her chocolate Shakeology!  After my appointment, I received this ADORABLE photo with a text saying “NAILED IT”. Her … Continue reading Nailed It!

Do You Want to Inspire Others?

HEY FRIENDS!!! 👋🏼 Today is the FIRST DAY OF FALL!  Are you ready for something new?  It is a special day because I’m opening up 5 SPOTS for my business mentorship starting soon!  What is that?  Check out my COACHING page for more details and picture yourself doing something you love, inspiring others while inspiring yourself … Continue reading Do You Want to Inspire Others?